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CFS-Solutions installs fire sprinklers and fire sprinkler systems for residence, commercial, and industrial needs providing experienced fire sprinkler service. A common misconception about fire sprinkler system installation is one fire sprinkler activates all fire sprinklers in a home, an office, or a space from heat reaction.

Fire sprinkler engineering today ensures a sprinkler reacts to temperature changes in rooms individually. A fire in an office will activate only the sprinkler(s) installed in the particular room. This saves property from extensive fire damage, isolates a fire, and limits the fire’s opportunity to spread.

Fire Sprinklers, Suppression Systems – Types

• Antifreeze sprinkler system
• CO2 fire suppression systems
• Deluge fire sprinkler system
• Dry pipe fire sprinkler system
• ESFR- early suppression fast response
• FE-13 fire suppression systems
• FM-200
• Foam/chemical suppression
• In-rack fire sprinkler systems
• Pre-action fire sprinkler system
• Quell fire sprinkler system
• Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system
• Wet pipe fire sprinkler system


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Customize Fire & Safety Solutions has the skills and experience needed to provide a critical review of the available documents to determine to what extent useable and reliable cost information can be created. Also, we can determine what disciplines need more detail for reliable cost estimating, and we provide the basic specifications necessary, and how the direction and development of the project may be directed in a certified, efficient, and cost effective layout.


We service and inspect all brands of fire alarm systems and install systems from a range of high-quality manufacturers. Our technicians are consistently up to date through steady training in the evolving technology behind the systems. Our team of technicians has extensive training and credentials, including NFPA-certifications, and they’re experienced in inspecting, installing, and servicing fire alarm systems. When you choose CFS-Solutions to install a fire alarm system or to inspect, service, or upgrade a current system, you get the strength of a team that’s known for being professional and reliable. Would you want anything less when it comes to the safety and security of lives and property? Talk to us today to make your business safer.


It’s amazing how quickly a fire can spread. Facilities with a well-maintained and certified fire system have a huge advantage, because a quick response can slow a fire’s progress — and help reduce damage — until firefighters arrive. We work in combination with the local authorities and international organizations to provide our clients with all the required permits to open their business.


In an increasingly careless world, our professional certification ensures that you’re ready to meet the local and international safety norms. Developed by Curacao Fire Department and NFPA and NEN-EN practitioners, our certifications are based on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world safety needs of organizations. With a CFS-Solution certification behind your name, you can work secured.


The correct maintenance of fire systems is critical to ensure that routine maintenance is undertaken, faults are detected and rectified early and false alarms are prevented. CFS-Solutions offer the most comprehensive service available, undertaking all of the work with our skilled technicians in-house. We have a technical skill base in all manner of active and passive fire protection. Our qualified fire alarm technicians have the technical support of all of the major manufacturers and carry the widest range of spare parts of any contractor. We can fix most systems with the shortest possible downtime.