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CFS-Solutions installs security detection and prevention systems for residence, commercial, and industrial needs providing experienced security service.

We understand the times we are living today, and the big need for security. We let you enjoy the feeling of security and protection again with motion detectors that will trigger an alert if any type of motion is detected while activated…. Door & Window alarms will sound an immediate alert if an intruder opens or breaks a window or door in your home that it is monitoring. And even better, we offer anti burglary systems that prevent burglars from taking your belongings.

Do not depend on others for safety -Help yourself, you are the one that needs to care for your loves one the most.



Better a thousand times careful than once dead. In case of a burglary, standard alarm systems like a siren or dial-through phone alarm will usually work just fine. But it often happens that the actual human intervention will only follow after a delay of about ten minutes. Burglars are very well aware of that and only need a few minutes to steal the valuable goods and get away in time. Customize Fire & Safety Solutions offers a unique solution to this continuously growing problem. For this apparatus is able to fill a room, store or office with a thick nontransparant fog. The fog will keep burglars from entering the room for at least 10 minutes after the alarm goes off, because they cannot see. This fog had a soft mint smell, is colorless and disappears without leaving a trace. You can not steal what you can not see.


Protect your home and business with CFSS's security systems, home automation, alarms & video surveillance. Customize Fire & Safety Solutions considers many factors when installing a security systems. We consider the quality of service, how cutomer-friendly the system is, and most importantly, what security features the client need. With so many systems on the market today, and so many factors to consider, we offer customize security service based on your need. Consider these three key elements when determining which system and company best suit your home and lifestyle: Monitoring: the means by which the system communicates with its monitoring center. Installation: the method of installation—professional or DIY. Home Automation: the ability to control various events in your home beyond basic security, including turning lights on and off, thermostat settings, and others.


Whether you own a single storefront, office complex, or warehouse building a successful business takes hard work and perseverance – reward yourself with the gift of peace of mind. Whether you own a single storefront, office complex, or warehouse across the globe, CFS-Solutions has a range of high-performance security camera systems to fit any home or business needs. As running a business is hard enough – keeping an eye on that business is easy with CFS- Solutions. We have several premium security camera solutions with high-definition monitoring and recording. Get the peace of mind you deserve so you can stop worrying and keep taking care of business. across the globe, CFS-Solutions has a range of high-performance security camera systems to fit your need.