PLUMBING Clean and dirty water

Contraix is a mechanical contractor focus on all types of plumbing installations and systems as well. From water lines and pipes, gas systems, sewage, clean water and much more.

We provide turn-key plumbing solutions

Plumbing Services
▪ Installation, Design, Engineering, Planning of all Plumbing Systems
▪ Repair and Troubleshooting of:
▪ faucets
▪ toilets
▪ sinks
▪ bathtubs
▪ showers
▪ shower drains
▪ food disposals
▪ hot water dispensers
▪ water filtration
▪ Work to construct or renovate a home’s waste disposal system
▪ Install gas connections and flues and water heaters (including gas, electric, or tankless)
▪ Install gas control valves, back flow prevention, water conditioning and softening equipment, and other appliances that may be connected to the home’s water system
▪ Consultants during a home’s planning stages; Making sure new construction or renovation is in compliance with local, and federal building codes
▪ Provide final inspection of plumbing work, either new construction or renovation.
▪ Yard line and water leak repair
▪ Slab leaks and gas leaks