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Do your building occupants, employees and site managers know how to:

  • Operate a fire extinguisher?
  • Evacuate a building?
  • Organize a fire or earthquake drill?
  • Control fire hazards?

Under the Curacao Fire Department laws, you must have a fire safety plan in place for your building to receive an occupancy permit. But for any plan to be effective, you must be able to implement its emergency procedures.

That means thorough fire safety training. In fact, it’s required for all supervisory staff to receive training before they are granted any responsibility for fire safety.

Our experienced fire safety trainers are off-duty firefighters or fire inspectors with a knack for communicating. They conduct the seminars in your workplace and customize the training for your building or situation. Every participant receives a manual.

Seminar topics include

  • Fire extinguisher operation
  • Building evacuation
  • Fire drills

At CFS-Solutions, we’re proud to be the most established fire safety training and seminars company. Our safety trainers–like our entire fire protection team—are skilled, thorough and professional.

Contact us today to learn more about fire safety training.



Knowing what to do and where to go, is a live-saving decision. BUILDING EVACUATION Every minute is crucial during an emergency evacuation. When you know what to do and where to go, an evacuation goes swifter and smoother. This safety training seminar teaches emergency preparedness and how to evacuate a building safely. Become familiar with your building’s safety features, and how you can use them to save lives. The seminar will also discuss the duties and responsibilities of a building or company’s fire safety director and floor wardens. Schedule a building evacuation training seminar today.


Rehearsal makes perfection, don't wait until the day to see how it goes! Did you know that the Curacao Fire Department requires documented fire drills to be held annually. Did you know that most fire departments do not conduct fire drills? A fire drill is a rehearsed evacuation. This fire safety seminar trains your building occupants and employees in fire drill safety. Participants learn about the duties of key personnel prior to a fire drill. We will also conduct an actual fire drill and provide you with an immediate on-site critique followed by a written report by mail.